Black Business University endeavors to empower, educate and ignite black entrepreneurs to live and lead bigger lives, and create massive business & financial legacies. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, we're creating a course marketplace for personal, professional and business development that has the power to change black economy forever. We invite you to make BBU a part of your continuing education commitment, and certainly trust that you will also capitalize on the opportunity to teach a course in Black Business University.

BBU was founded by Fran Harris, ESPN announcer, former host of HGTV's "Home Rules", business explosion expert, Former Procter & Gamble sales executive and co-founder of the Black Millionaires Summit. Fran wrote the first nationally published books on black female entrepreneurship (About My Sister's Business) as well as "In The Black" to help parents raise financially responsible children. She's a WNBA Champion (Houston Comets) and NCAA Champion (Texas), and the author of 20 books.