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BBU features premium online courses for black entrepreneurs, CEOs, companies, faith-based organizations, non-profits, universities, colleges, schools and innovators.

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How Does BBU Work with Online Instructors?

BBU provides next-level instruction, tutorials and courses by today's top black educators, entrepreneurs, millionaires, luminaries and thought leaders. We market our courses & instructors in a variety of ways, including our website, social media, community marketing, video and other channels.

Instructors are granted full control over their courses, and paid on an individual basis by BBU.

How is BBU different from similar schools?

First of all, it's important to note that Black Business University is an online learning portal not an accredited university like your local college. It's community learning with instructors who bring their expertise and knowledge from years of experience as entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and masters of their crafts. We believe everyone has something to teach and we've recruited the best of the best to teach you. And we also hope one day you'll join us as an instructor.

How does BBU select a featured course?

Every BBU instructor goes through an application process that takes approximately 2-4 weeks. All courses are accepted based on the time of your application, quality of content, relevance to the BBU audience, and instructor credentials. Due to high demand and a rigorous selection process, please note that we can only accept and get back to a small percentage of instructors who apply. Don't be discouraged if you don't hear from us, it may be that we're inundated with applications at that particular time. Just keep creating your content and building your audience.

What happens if I'm selected to teach?

We'll reach out to you to nail down the specifics of your course and get any remaining details about who you are and what you bring to the students at BBU. If you're accepted as an instructor an Instructor Bliss Associate will reach out to you and get you started.

What can I teach?

You may submit any course title you believe would serve and help business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs. They can be personal, professional or business development.

What credentials do I need to teach? Well, you don't need any degrees or certifications, you just need to have a great grasp of whatever you're teaching, and the ability to teach to students who are beginners, intermediate or advanced learners. Keep in mind, students will likely review your class so you want to put your best foot forward.

What type of equipment do I need? There are many easy, low-cost tools to create your own courses and classes. All you really need is a way to record video and audio, and perhaps create slides in Powerpoint or Keynote. So, at minimum, you'll need a smartphone or computer — both of which have great video and audio capabilities.

What types of classes are accepted? If it's related to success, business & entrepreneurship, we will consider it.

Is there a formula for a class or course? Not really. Short, digestible content is usually best. Short videos -- 2-7 mins each - with clear directions and instructions will get you good marks from students.

Thanks for reaching out. We look forward to seeing you in BBU as a student and teacher real soon.